Post Work

Sometimes, gathering the photographs or video in the field is only part of the services our customers want. Sometimes, they want the material turned into something that they can use in their end project.

Technovista has the expertise and industry leading technology to turn your material into a finished product. And this applies equally to video and still photography.

Just a few of the things we include in our services are:

  • Colour balance and enhancement,
  • Grading,
  • Colour separation for print,
  • Video editing with output in the profile you require,
  • Addition of text, titles, music and/or commentary,
  • Special effects (both video and still).

Of course, not everyone needs this service, preferring instead to do their own post production. But if it is something you might need, why not contact us and ask us about our complete end-to-end package of services.

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