Photography and Videography

We offer a full range of photography and videography services tailored to your needs. The service includes all the required planning, risk assessments and permissions from site owners, meaning that you can concentrate on letting us know what material you want us to obtain.

Below is a short description of some of the areas that we cover. Please contact us with your specific requirement and we can provide you with further detail according to your needs.

Media and Marketing

Capture of stills or video footage for inclusion in promotional or documentary material, whether television programmes, brochures, websites or property sales details.

We can provide the material to you either on USB media or you can download it using a link we will provide. Alternatively, if you want us to edit the material into finished video or stills ready for inclusion in your project. Take a look at our post-capture section for more information.

Survey Data Collection

Our drone fleet can be used to collect information quickly and inexpensively for use in your surveys, significantly reducing the cost and speeding up your ability react to important changes. By using an unmanned system, many important safety considerations are no longer of concern. Contact us with your requirements and we can discuss the best solution for your needs.


Tractor cultivating field

Because of the tight profit margins of many crops, any solution that maximises yield is seriously worth consideration. Where traditional crop inspections might be limited to relatively small percentages of the crop, our aerial solution can cover large areas quickly and comprehensively. The data gathered can assist in planning additional actions such as irrigation or pesticide distribution and also help to maximise cost reduction by ensuring that they are focussed only on the crop areas that need it.

Construction and Civil Engineering

Construction site

Whether you need to monitor and manage site progress more closely or gather visual material for reporting back to your financiers, the use of our aerial photographic and video solutions can substantially assist in the smooth and effective management of your site.

We offer one-off visits to cover key project milestones as well as a package of return visits so that you can review your progress over time. Contact us, telling us about your project and we can discuss with you how we can help..


Domestic chimney

Many home owners find themselves faced with a difficult financial decision when they can’t easily inspect their roofs and chimneys from ground level. The chimneys might be in good condition and not need any maintenance work, but it might need expensive scaffolding before a builder can confirm one way or the other.

Faced with the cost and inconvenience of the scaffolding, many homes go without an inspection – and it might not be until there’s an expensive problem that an inspection takes place. With our drone solution, we can gather the information you need very quickly, with the minimum of fuss and at a fraction of the cost.

In some cases, we may not even need a drone as we can inspect some roofs using a telescopic pole which is particularly attractive where the privacy of neighbours might be a concern.

Whatever your requirements are, large or small, contact us for a quick and efficient, no-obligation solution for your needs.

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