Technovista & Drone Safe Register

Technovista is a member of Drone Safe Registerâ„¢ (DSR), a Recognised Professional Directory of members which offers services for aerial and ground video, film, photography and Drone Operators.

DSR was founded a number of years ago and secured financial backing from Peter Jones, one of the “Dragons” of TV’s Dragons Den fame. The video below shows the pitch made by founder Mark Boyt to the Dragons.

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Professional members of Drone Safe Register have to demonstrate that they have been approved to fly commercially by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and that they are suitably insured.

Members have built up a strong rapport with each other and regularly share and discuss technical and operational issues, meaning that they are able to bring collective thinking to an individual customer’s requirement that might need a bespoke technical solution.

Visitors to the DSR website can find an operator local to them and submit quote requests, safe in the knowledge that responses will come from professional organisations that meet the standards required to operate legally in the UK.

A further benefit for customers is the availability of a library of existing video footage and stills which can be downloaded from the website at reasonable rates, thus obtaining the material they need quickly and conveniently.

If you are looking for aerial photography in your area and Technovista is not sufficiently local to you, we recommend that you give Drone Safe Register a try.

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