Drone Batteries – Handle with Care!

A large proportion of drones use Lithium Polymer (a.k.a LiPo) batteries because they are favoured for their high performance. However LiPo batteries need to be handled with care. If they become damaged, there is a risk of explosion as shown in this video.

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By using a professional drone operator like Technovista, clients can be reassured that proper safety procedures are being followed to minimise the risk to people and property before, during and after flight operations.

These include:-

  • Maintaining a clearly marked-out Take Off and Landing Area into which nobody except authorised personnel are permitted entry.
  • Provision of fire fighting equipment for use in case of a battery accident.
  • Briefing all involved personnel on safety procedures prior to flight operations.
  • Maintaining minimum distances from people, property and vehicles not under control of the flight operation. This includes members of the public and neighbouring buildings.

A professional drone operator will also be insured for damage or injury caused in the event of an accident.

When looking for a drone operator for your project we strongly recommend that you make sure that they have been granted a “Permission to Fly Commercially” (PfCo) by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The CAA will have scrutinised the operator’s Operations Manual, which documents how they will conduct their operations safely, thus giving you the reassurance that proper health and safety procedures are in place and compliant with current aviation legislation.

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